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When you invest in us we reinvest in our community!

One Time Donation


Every donation is spent with commYOUnity in mind. Help us by making a One Time general donation..



Your monthly donation will help us do more community outreach and serve at a greater capacity. It will allow us to take a planned, long-term approach in addressing the community's needs.

Youth Empowerment


In July, we hired eight teenagers from our community. We received an overwhelming response of 40 applicants. We continue to receive calls asking if we have employment opportunities for high school and college students. As we draw near to the holidays we know many families are desperate for extra money for all sorts of reasons. Help us to continue providing employment opportunities. We position our youth to learn life and business skills while they earn.

Billy Taylor Summer Basketball League


For over 25 years the Billy Taylor Summer League has been a part of the Mt. Hope Community. Formed in honor of the late William "Billy" Taylor, the league gives youth an opportunity to learn how to play basketball, build confidence, be a team player and honor the Late Billy Taylor in this league.

Mt. Hope Cowboys Football Team


The Mt. Hope Cowboys have been a staple football team in the Mt. Hope Community for over 30 years. As they prepare to recruit, please help them continue to provide a safe place where youth can learn, grow and be the best they can be.

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