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About Us:

On October 24, 1981 the Mount Hope Neighborhood Association (MHNA) Articles of Incorporation were filed.  MHNA's purpose was to provide the Mount Hope Community and its residents with assistance, facilities and other means of obtaining and using programs and resources for after-school and day-care programs for children; social and economic programs for senior citizens; and other economic, social, environmental and area-improvement efforts; to cooperate with and associate with any public, quasi-public or other nonprofit, private corporation, charity and/or foundation for the purpose of providing services mandated, allowed and/or funded pursuant to Federal, State or local law, ordinance and/or regulation. MHNA has been a beacon of love and strength in the Mt. Hope Community for decades.


In 2019, MHNA changed their name to reflect the work that they do in the community. The community was surveyed and the majority of residents polled chose Mount Hope Community Center (MHCC). And after forty plus years of serving the Mt. Hope community, the MHNA now MHCC is poised to serve a new diverse community where it focuses on entrepreneurship, job skills and community health.   

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